progettazione elettronica
produzione schede elettroniche




VisualSystem, Linux Qt e Display Touch Qt




















Programmable PLC with embedded Linux.
Can be programmed with Qt or a proprietary language which is powerfull,
easy to learn and can be copied directly onto the SD card, or through the usb.

ARM 9 CPU 128 Mb FLASH 4G+ SD card
Realtime Clock + Date
7" LCD Display 800x480 with resistive Touch Screen
Power Supply 24V
8 x 220V 5A Output Relay
8 x Digital Input
2 x 4..20 mA Analogic Input
2 x 4..20 mA Analogic Output
1 x Rs458 Half Duplex (Compatible ModBus, ProfiBus, ecc.)
3 x Rs232 (2 Simultaneous, 1 Switched)
USB 2.0 Port
Micro SD, which can be easily wired also on the front panel.
433 Mhz Wireless Network, with 3GP module. ( Available USB modem )

Wireless Network compatible with Progea Movicon

movicon progea


Più informazioni in PDF
More information is available in PDF