progettazione elettronica
produzione schede elettroniche



ECSHW1 - SCheda I/O programmabile in C

Atmel ATmega128
Bootloader per caricamento firmware tramite RS232, così come si fa per Arduino.


ATmega1280 – 16 bit micocontroller
Power Supply - 17 - 31V DC
1 Out Mosfet
4 Out analog  4..20 mA
12 Input Analog 4..20 mA
16 Output Relay 5A 250V
4 Output Relay 16A 250V
8 Digital Input
2 RS485 ports.
1 RS232  port for PC or modem GPRS
Connectors for:
Alphanumeric and graphic display, ISP programmere, Jtag.
Pre-programmed Bootloader to load the firmware via RS232.

Directly interfaced with alphanumeric or graphic or touch screen.

Touch TFT LCD, width Linux and Qt


Alphanumeric Display and keyboard


display 240x64


 Programma di monitoraggio della card tramite RS232